What else is possible for you now? - Marlynn Bourque
awareness, consciousness, joy, change, contribution, gratitude, creation, attitude, choice, conscience, joie, choix,
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What else is possible for you now?

Beyond what you can imagine...




You don’t have to feel stuck and powerless to consult me. If you would like to improve your relationship situation, your money flow or simply to enjoy being who you really are…


Body processes

Would you like to have this vitality of living, the excitement of having a healthy body, a buoyant enjoyment of life?

Head-only round


Access Bars

To create more ease and vitality in different areas of your life! 

The Bars® store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, conditions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. Gently touching the 32 Bars dissipates the electrical charge of polarity stored in your brain that relate to different aspects of your life like healing, control, awareness, creativity, power, body, aging, sex, money, etc… 


Access Facelift

Rejuvenate more than your face and reverse aging without surgery, injections or drugs. This soothing energy process contributes to the overall radiance of peoples’ appearance and energetic bodies, and is incredibly nurturing, relaxing, and blissful to receive!

Marlynn Bourque Speaker



Either it is about money, relationship, addictions, or else; I love to see people realizing what is true and exciting for themselves! Their eyes brighten up with vigor and their smile gets activated with enthusiasm, as they get to know that they are at the right place in order to create what they desire…


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