Who I am - Marlynn Bourque
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as a Coach

Do you realize that you have been entrained to function like the people who have showed up around you since birth? Have you judged yourself lately? You can now choose a coaching, or an entrainment that will allow you to know what is true and to reclaim your innate capacities as an aware infinite being, beyond beliefs?

with Access Consciousness

As a Certified Facilitator, I invite you to use the pragmatic tools and processes of Access Consciousness® to transform your life, beyond anything you can imagine. What is most generative for us is to function from choice, question, possibility and contribution. How does it get any better than that?

as a Potent Healer

By using and teaching the dynamic energy processes of Access Consciousness®, I am continually amazed by the potency and transformation; clearing pain, fatigue, allergies, insomnia, addictions, bipolar, PTSD, abuse… You could also choose to improve your eyesight, vitality, flexibility, sex, weight loss… It’s about facilitating ease instead of dis-ease in bodies.

as a Motivational Speaker

It is always exciting to see people recognizing the true possibilities available for themselves. My talks are captivating, filled with humour, interaction and inspiration. I share tools that you can readily use to transform what hasn’t been working for you. Joy is the target for most of my conferences.

Click the tabs below; I briefly share my journey with you...


I am grateful for the choices I made so far; it all contributed to who I am now


My curiosity has gotten me a long way! I have always been a seeker, searching new ways to function, observing what makes our world so dysfunctional, the discomfort, the ‘magical’ moments, what could happen after the body dies… I cannot say that I have had a traumatic life, although there has been drama around me that has affected me. I was never comfortable perceiving the atrocities of the world; either ecological or human suffering. I would feel powerless at times!
I studied Graphic Design at the university although I almost quit before graduating as I became quite involved making a difference in the world as an environmentalist and pacifist. That is when I started to meditate. After a rebelling period of non-violent manifestations, I became aware that it would be more effective to rediscover who we really are internally instead of using force externally – like protesting and fighting against corporations or whatever. I was inviting new possibilities my own way!
I eventually travelled as a photographer and tree-planter; I was looking for adventure and learning to speak English well. This quest led me to the Yukon Territory (in Canada’s Northwest) where I established in a rustic cabin with my partner, surrounded by glorious and wild mountains. We built an off-grid (alternative power) house that I designed, homeschooled our three wonderful boys, ran a dog-team, farmed animals, grew big gardens, hosted several guests and shared many interesting experiences… This was a very busy and rewarding adventure!
All along, my curiosity led me to enlightening readings, meetings, retreats and workshops. Practicing and somewhat teaching meditation enlivened my journey, getting me out of the heaviness I would experience at times. Even if I wouldn’t “practice” for some undetermined periods, I could always return to the comfort of silence. Yet, thoughts and emotions wouldn’t always subside so easily. I was looking for more…
After letting go of our mountains homestead, I certified as a Transformational Breath Facilitator and started Awareness Coaching to support the transformation that the breath would allow for my clients. I was still searching when an Access Facilitator came all the way to the Yukon. I became a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator myself within a year!


I’ve experienced so much magic since I discovered Access Consciousness; the pragmatic tools and processes allow us to reclaim our capacities as infinite beings


I went through great personal transformations and I continue to change. Not living with my sons and their father has affected me greatly although I can see now that it was required for a greater realization of who I really am. I have been itinerant for the last few years, travelling overseas or in my motorhome when the seasons allow it. Each choice that I make is an investment in my future, so I am continuously more aware of what I am choosing at every instant.
It doesn’t mean that it is always comfortable; it takes courage to be intensely honest with oneself. We can choose different possibilities for anything that doesn’t work in our life. It is mostly our points of view that keep our limitations in place. I can sincerely say that I have quit judging myself, others or anything. It is with gratitude that I am using the tools of Access every day. There is so much more magic than what we have been led to believe.
I like to facilitate consciousness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. As a Facilitator of consciousness, I am excited to empower you to know what is true for you and have you create the reality that you desire. I am witnessing dynamic transformations in people’s life and bodies. I am enthusiastic about the possibility of a more conscious world!
I really care for our planet and for the magnificent beings that surround us. I have never been a pessimistic person, although I have probably always been aware of the destruction that is altering the quality of life for many habitants. I am now choosing to contribute to a greater possibility of existence in our world!


What are the infinite possibilities to contribute to a more conscious and joyful world?


Who am I, and what grand and glorious adventures will I have today? This is the first question I ask every morning. What are the infinite possibilities in our universe? It’s our fixed points of view and believes that limits what can show up in our life. Who will I choose to be? What energy, space and consciousness can I be to facilitate more ease, joy and glory? And what contribution can I be in the world today?

You are welcome to contact me at any time. If I am not available, I will respond to you as soon as I can. Facilitating consciousness in the world has no limit, and I will go wherever I am required. I would be delighted to hear from you. How much more joy can we create?
I am creating more than I ever imagined, to invite you to recognize your own capacities as a conscious infinite being. What will it take for you to create more ease and possibilities in your life and community? Invite me to create a class or a conference… How much more ease and joy can we create?
How does it truly get any better than that?

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